Summer Madness

Sinners & Saints Charleston

We are pretty stoked about all that we have going on in summer twenty thirteen. Firstly, I’ll be turning a year older and a shade greener on 6/7. We’ll be hanging out with our Spanish moss gathering friends, Rachel Kate and Antione Dukes, but not in their native Charleston habitat. Instead we’ll meet up in Greenville, SC at Southern Culture restaurant for a night of good food and music, but no high fives*. The following night we will be throwing an official party at Petras in Charlotte. Rachel Kate will be joining us and The Ramblin Fevers will be meeting up there as well. High fives will ensue. Sorry Janet.

In mid June we’re going on a couple of mini tours. First, The Ramblin Fevers from Augusta are going to be joining us in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Columbia, and Augusta. If I haven’t mention it yet, this trio has killer 3-part harmony. It gives me damn chills.

Next at the end of June we are hitting the road again. This time we will be heading west and south and meeting up with a lot of our favorite music peoples (Jen Rock, Jeremy Ray, Rachel Kate) We’re still figuring out the details but having some trouble in Nashville and Chattanooga. Hopefully we will have some good luck in the end and sort it out. If not, we will probably be out there busking regardless.

Lastly, we are really excited to announce that we will be recording a full length album in August. We’ll be heading up to Winston Salem to record with Doug. I recorded with him years ago and it was a great time, so I’m looking forward to it. If the studio is still the same as it was before – old dentist office with padded windows, full of gun powder and a ton of awesome recording equipment – we are guaranteed to record some good sounds. Maybe even an explosion or two. We are planning on working with some extra instrumentation on this album and having other Charlotte musicians join us. Until then we’ll keep playing our Stupid Little Songs and drinking whiskey with y’all at our shows.

*Janet don’t like high fives

  1. Scott V says:

    Great playing the same stage with you guys at the Rockers vs. Mods show at the Chop Shop the other weekend in NoDA. Hope to catch up with you again sometime. In the meantime play on…

  2. Mark says:

    Great sharing the stage with y’all too Scott!

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