Charlotte Bands

Of course we love our own music, but we also like to get out and catch local shows and Charlotte bands are incredible. There’s not that much mention of some of our favorites… So here’s a list of some bad ass Charlotte bands that you should go and see soon at a local venue! Some venues in town that support local music well are: Snug Harbor, The Milestone, The Evening Muse, Petra’s, Tommy’s Pub, and sometimes The Neighborhood Theatre, The Fillmore, The Double Door, and The Visulite. Although they are more friendly to National acts coming through town.


This band has been playing in Charlotte as well as regionally for sometime now. This band is made up of some of Charlotte’s finest: Slade Baird, Adam Phillips, and Thomas. Categorizing themselves as “Cow Punk” they put on one hell of a ‘moo’ving show (sorry couldn’t help myself). Think of a modernized Creedence Clearwater Revival. Don’t miss their next party. We will buy you a shot if you can find us in the dance party.

Bless These Sounds Under the City

Albert Strawn and Derrick Hines are a duo that make really huge and beautiful sonic sounds. With a mix of acoustic and electronic instruments this duo sounds like a full out musical whirlwind. Strawn’s lyrics are mysterious and mournful. His voice heads high into a falsetto range, but he never looses touch of the raw emotion of his voice. If you’re feeling Radiohead or maybe Rufus Wainwright with a little bit of Andrew Bird for good measure. At the same time it’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

Elonzo Wesley

Jeremy Davis is Elonzo Wesley and was the front-man for the long time Charlotte band Elonzo. This new project is a stripped down version of Davis’ music. Fortunately for him, he is an incredible songwriter and his songs stand on their own. He has released a ton of material over the years and has honed his craft. Be prepared to come and listen to incredibly poignant and well written lyrics at one of his shows.

Bo White Y Su Orquesta

Get ready to dance your ass off. The last time we played with Bo White I’m pretty sure we almost had a stroke. Although it’s combination of jagged rhythms and the many voices of this sometimes 6 piece band will not be for everyone, it’s something that everyone should go see. These guys are top notch musicians and the music is so unique and interesting it amazes me that Charlotte has local music like this.

Fat Face Band

Fat Face Band is a trio of some of Charlotte’s best musicians. Troy Conn on guitar, Molly Brown on Tuba, and Matt Postle on Trumpet. They are so much fun to watch and although their shows are rare you can still catch them from time to time. Fat Face blends styles and sounds from New Orleans, traditional Americana, alongside jazz standards, original compositions, and avant-garde.

Sam the Lion

We had the pleasure of playing with Sam the Lion some time back and it was so easy to fall in love with them. They have vibes of maybe Neko Case or Portishead. They put projector art to their music and it’s really beautiful to see, hear, and experience. 3 of the band are former members of Sea of Cortez. Their lead singer Lindsey Horne has a really awesome voice.

Ross Adams

I’ve never heard it quiet in the Milestone in my life until I heard Ross Adams play there. That’s not to say there wasn’t anyone there, in fact it was near capacity. It’s just that the songwriting ability that Ross has and his presence on stage made people completely listen to his show. It was really magical and if you can catch Ross playing a solo show sometime you will hopefully get to witness the same thing